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It`s the worst law firm we`ve ever dealt with. I have no idea how they can be open and practice law. They are prosecuted and reported to the Florida Bar Board Association. Beware of this company. We have never seen such a disorganized office, rude and disrespectful people like these lawyers in that office. All they`re interested in is getting your money, and you`ll never hear from them again. Unless you show up in person at their office and ask for answers. The owner of this company has a terrible temperament and will crack and lose control. He treats women terribly disrespectfully. The worst experience we`ve ever had with a lawyer.

And legal proceedings are being taken against them. Our legal staff includes experienced litigants, former military lawyers with experience in veterans` law, and extensive experience in foreclosure and family law defence. Absolute Law is committed to defending the rights of clients and has over 50 years of experience in virtually every area of law. Too bad we can`t give negative stars or a twisted brown emoji to represent the misrepresentation of this lawyer. Chionopoulos focused on making money through divorce, rather than the safety and well-being of children abused by a parent. He completely ignored the constant requests to call an ad litem tutor for the children and absorbed the meagre funds with which we had escaped. Then he let us fall on our heads, without any representation that would lead us through a critical situation. Before his last appearance on my behalf, I spent two hours in his office and heard him yelling at people about his boat in the other office. He spent maybe 10 to 15 minutes in the room preparing for the trial before it was time to go to court, and that was spent having lunch and listening to his texts and running away again to take a call through his boat.

During the procedure, he was on his mobile phone texting his boat. At one point, the judge had to call him three times, and I had to elbow him in the arm to get him to answer. Our abuser found what he still shares with our children completely entertaining. We have been around for three years now and we are just beginning to have hope that we can finally present the truth correctly. Chionopoulos was just going to sunset with his big boat. The Absolute Law team provides private and personalized attention to your legal issues to determine how we can represent you most effectively.

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