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Depending on your needs, we develop the right legal team that fits your budget and produces results. Apex Law is well versed in the local industries of the Pacific Northwest as well as the legal issues our clients face regionally, nationally and internationally. Apex offers you more value than „simple” legal advice. Apex`s lawyers combine and use legal skills to help you solve real-world problems. Apex`s services are tailored to your personal situation. Your business isn`t a role model, so your legal services shouldn`t be either. Apex supports nonprofits with tailored legal tools to make a difference in their community. Our services keep our clients both mission-focused and compliant with the law. Click here to learn more. Online Continuing Legal Education (CLE) available on all mobile devices. Search the ApexCLE course library for your government-approved courses. APEX LEGAL is a shop for business and intellectual property. At APEX LEGAL, we pride ourselves on being a client-focused law firm.

We meet the needs of our clients and strive to create added value that goes beyond traditional law firms. We achieve this goal by working with our clients to help them achieve their business goals. We provide corporate and intellectual property legal support for Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, small businesses and individuals. In partnership with our clients, we structure, negotiate, manage and document a wide range of technology-based transactions. Overview We will discuss the final guidelines of this series in a single blog post. These guidelines apply to specific situations where a non-profit organization . Apex Law Group has a comprehensive list of business services that allows us to support you at every stage of the business lifecycle, from start to finish. Another reason to start a relationship with us today and grow with us. Join us for an incredible story by the talented Chris Flett as he talks about how he built a million-dollar business in old age.

Overview Have you or your company recently received a refusal from the Washington Secretary of State („SOS”) regarding the use of a private P.O. Box address. After last week`s informative podcast on the importance of internal controls, Alexander and Peter returned this week with their views on what needs to be done. Once a company realizes that it is „doing business” in another state and needs to register with that state`s regulator, the next one . Have you been struck by a negative article? Has anyone intentionally tried to attack your company`s image? Plug in to hear the advice of Alexander and Peter. Anyone can imagine the stereotypical media portrayal of someone handing over a pile of papers with the slogan „You have been served.” But have you already . Overview In many ways, a nonprofit is like a for-profit organization. Nonprofits hire executives, buy real estate, get involved in business, and most. We value our long-standing relationships with our customers. Therefore, we are committed to working with our clients during and after negotiations to facilitate their relationships and day-to-day operations. By leveraging our founder`s skills as an experienced transactional lawyer with her knowledge of technology and intellectual property. Have you ever wondered where CEOs go to get help with projects? What happens when companies need an outside perspective or a more efficient process in .

Apex Preview has written a blog about the underutilized certification of the Washington Office of Minority and Women`s Business Enterprises („OMWBE”). The Secretary of State established the OMWBE Bureau. Overview Every year in Washington, nonprofits founded in Washington or registered to do business in Washington must submit an annual report to the secretary for . Overview A receivership is the appointment of an altruistic person or organization (an insolvency administrator) by a court or by a company or person for . Come one, come all to learn more about the alternatives to traditional lending! If your business needs debt financing or debt financing, this podcast is for you! . In today`s podcast, Alexander and Peter discuss something important to nonprofits: internal controls. The term „internal controls” is a combination of accounting. The domestic or foreign corporation, whether it is a corporation, LLC, partnership or other legal business entity, is a „national” corporation of the state. For this week`s Speedcast, Alexander and Peter discuss an important topic in nonprofit governance – unanimous board approval and electronic notification. When non-profit organizations plan programs. Be sure to join Alexander and Peter as they learn how to make a company recession-proof! Today, Dan Nicholson, founder .

With the start of the new year, the Washington Nonprofit Corporations Act (RCW 24.03A) has now come into full effect. Although much discussed. The Apex Law Group podcast is back! Peter Smith is joined by Luke Newman of Amplify Consulting Partners as she discusses running a business during . When you work with Apex Law Group, you get a personalized experience with our team. They will never be drowned out by hundreds of other active cases because that`s not how we work. We maintain a close-knit team and limit our active cases so that we can give your business the attention it deserves. Overview 501(c)(3) Charities face relaxed regulations on what they must disclose on IRS tax returns. Currently, according to 26 U.S.C.

§ 6033, . Curious about whether you need a Master Service Contract (MSA) or not? Wondering what an MSA entails in the first place? Be sure to adapt to Alexander and . Whether you have the luxury of time on your side or not, when it comes to buying or selling a small business, there are a few. Apex believes that strong local businesses and organizations build strong communities. We are connected to our community and strive to work with like-minded clients. 2021 West Virginia 12-Hour Discount Online CLE Pkg$68, with 3-Hour Ethics/Prof | Instant Certificate There is no better time to inquire about a non-compete obligation than when the law changes! Plug in to hear Alexander and Peter chat.

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