Ryerson University Business Requirements

Further information on admission requirements can be found on the university`s website. Gain an understanding of key legal issues in the business world through the strongest legal and business integration of any BComm program in Canada. Studies include contract negotiation, human resources, policy development and real estate transactions. Your understanding will be strengthened by developing critical thinking and writing skills and familiarizing yourself with key issues of business ethics and corporate social responsibility. Business students have a common first year of business study and choose from a wide range of specialist majors at the end of the first year: This central unit currently provides personalised academic advice to accounting and finance students and business management majors*, helping you make the most of your university experience by advising you on appointments and drop-in stops. For current high school applicants in Ontario, Toronto Met can use Grade 11 results in the early admissions selection process. You must be registered at the time of application, meet or have met the eligibility criteria for your program. Further information on international admission requirements is available at: www.ryerson.ca/international/admissions/how-to-apply/country-specific/. Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent with at least six of the 12 U or M courses. Category including the following program-specific requirements. Use your extensive management knowledge to build or lead businesses, manage teams, achieve goals and increase profits.

Join a vast and growing network of TRSM alumni who are leaders in all areas of the business world. Or pursue postgraduate studies in various disciplines such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science in Management (MScM) or complementary professional training. Applicants who were not educated in Ontario may submit the equivalent of Ontario`s requirements. Our student ambassadors are on board to give you a taste of all that Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) has to offer. Learn about the city of Toronto, the transition to university, the student experience and more! As a business student, you`ll get an intensive undergraduate education in the fundamentals of economics before choosing one of our seven innovative majors at the end of your first year. We expect most decisions to be made between February and the end of May 2023, based on application processing times and assessment times for non-academic requirements. Please read the full article for more details: TRSM Marketing Students Make Business Presentations in the BMO Field Minimum Admission Requirements (Subject to Change): Our active and collaborative approach puts you in the boardroom to solve problems, present and address real business cases early in your academic career. All Fall 2023 applicants, including those who received an offer of early or conditional admission, must meet all admission requirements by June 30, 2023 (unless otherwise stated). In many cases, this excludes the possibility of using the summer school, evening school, virtual school and/or distance learning completed after this date to meet admission requirements. However, some Toronto Met programs may consider extensions beyond June 30, 2023. Start a startup, start a sustainable business, or bring innovation and entrepreneurship skills to an existing organization. Internationally recognized as a world leader in entrepreneurship education, we offer more undergraduate courses in entrepreneurship than any other Canadian university.

Our professors have extensive hands-on experience and work directly with student startups. In today`s market, all companies are affected by events around the world. In Global Management Studies, you will gain management skills and cultural understanding to lead in the new global business environment. Academic admission requirements for all other applicants can be found at: Admission requirements. The Toronto Met receives more applications than available spaces. Possession of minimum requirements, averages and/or grades does not guarantee admission. Study in the heart of Canada`s business district with professors dedicated to groundbreaking teaching strategies that combine theory and practice. Choose from seven innovative business majors to pursue the specialization that matches your interests. You`ll have access to industry experts, an optional co-op program, case competitions, and networking events to build your skills and deploy them in professional environments. *The actual minimum score ranges required to account for the fall 2023 admission and waiting list will be determined based on the scores and qualifications submitted by the candidate pool as they become available.

The required classification ranges may fluctuate (up or down) from year to year due to competition. Applicants who were not educated in Ontario may submit the equivalent of Ontario`s requirements. TMU reserves the right to determine equivalence at its sole discretion. The strongest integration of law and economics of any honours bachelor`s degree program in Canada. Gain a solid understanding of key legal issues in the corporate world, including contract negotiations, human resources, policy development and real estate transactions. Familiarize yourself with the analytical and quantitative skills to become a leader in the rapidly changing global economy. In our high-tech, computerized world, capturing timely and accurate business and business data is critical to making successful management decisions. As a general rule, a minimum average of 70% justifies eligibility for admission. Depending on the competition, individual programs may require higher pre-scores and/or higher overall averages:  Full-time program formats: four years; Direct entry into the third year; Five-year part-time CO-OP: first year; Direct entry into the part-time third-year format (one to eight or more courses) National Ontario Student Tuition Scale: $1,139.58 – $7,346.42 Canadian students outside the province Fee range: $1,206.56 – $3,789.32 International Student Fee Range: $3,790.72 – $28,408.34 For detailed information on fees, see Tuition and Program Fees. Students interested in an entrepreneurship major should be aware that the majority of courses required for the major are not available in the evenings (yet). Students who wish to pursue this major must take the majority of required courses during the day. Explore Toronto Metropolitan University`s unique urban campus in the heart of downtown Toronto from the comfort of your own home! Subject to the availability of program spaces, applications, amendments and supporting documentation may still be reviewed after the guaranteed admission consideration date in the fall.

Some part-time programs are also accepting applications for the winter and spring semesters. Further information can be found on our Application Data page. The following majors are available for direct admission: At Ryerson University, we are dedicated to creating a culture of action. We believe that education and experience go hand in hand. What our students learn in the classroom is enhanced by real-world knowledge through internships and collaborations, or reinforced by area-based learning. Marla Spergel, Instructor in Sports Marketing Concept and Strategy, Ted Rogers School of Management Real estate drives the local and national economy forward. Learn the skills that will enable you to succeed in residential and commercial real estate, real estate finance, real estate development, business, sustainability and real estate law. Our major property management has been created in close collaboration with industry experts. The presentation of admission averages on the INFOnfo is only an estimate and is subject to change.

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