San Francisco Strip Bars Laws

„We`re getting a lot of interest from people who want to start strip clubs in Oakland, but unfortunately, city policies and regulations don`t currently allow for that,” says Juno Thomas, Small Business Assistance Center coordinator for the Oakland Department of Economic Development and Workforce. Popular with a diverse crowd, this San Francisco strip club welcomes everyone from students to high-level executives to relax in an upscale yet comfortable location. While a stripper classified as an independent contractor has more flexibility and control over her work and hours, an adult artist classified as an employee gets more California AB-5 legal protection. Here are some of the reasons an employee benefits an adult performer: In the 1960s, people watched dancers in pies and swimsuits perform at Broadway go-go bars in North Beach. Listener Alicia Gallo had been out with friends one night, and they couldn`t find any strip clubs in the East Bay. She thought San Francisco had a lot. She remembers going to one of them in S.F. for a friend`s birthday party at university. Stunned, she asked Bay Curious, „Why aren`t there strip clubs in the East Bay?” Paragraph 11. EMPLOYMENT OF EXOTIC DANCERS.

(a) Adult performance venues must operate in accordance with all state and federal labor laws pertaining to employment status and must post appropriate notices in theaters. (b) All exotic dancers are employees and should be paid an hourly wage in accordance with labour legislation and minimum wage standards. (c) Exotic dancers will only be classified as independent contractors if they are hired for only one week in a six-month period (i.e. featured artists); Independent contractors negotiate all terms and conditions of employment with the theater`s arm`s length management and are compensated accordingly in accordance with state and federal labor standards. (d) Employers may not charge Exotic Dancers for „stage fees”, „late fees” or otherwise for work in the establishment. (e) No commission/quota/piecework system may be introduced by management where exotic dancers are required to share any percentage of their earned wages or gratuities with management. (f) If the employer is not illegally insured or has employees misclassified, the employee may file an application for unemployment with the Department of Employment Development and the employer will be liable for any prescribed retaliatory measures. (g) All employees must be covered by workers` compensation according to the employer`s prescribed contributions. If the employer is not illegally insured or has misclassified employees, the injured employee can make claims from the uninsured employers` fund. (h) The employer must act in accordance with federal and state civil rights laws that prohibit sexual harassment, discrimination, and/or violence in the workplace. (i) Employers may not retaliate against workers who have filed a complaint with a law enforcement and/or government agency regarding working conditions or wage irregularities under federal and state labor laws. (j) All exotic dancers, as employees or independent contractors, have the right to join or form trade unions or collective organizations and are legally recognized as such by management.

Employers or permit holders will not retaliate against workers for organizing activities and will bargain in good faith during the bargaining process in accordance with city, state, and federal labor laws. In addition, employers will not censor communication between employees (verbal and/or written) and/or retaliate against workers for public activities during the organizing effort. (k) Employers must provide individual or group health insurance benefits to all full-time employees and comply with the Equal Benefits Regulations. (l) Employers must provide local employees with grievance forms at all times, in addition to a complete list of local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. Anonymous or confidential complaints may be filed by employees to report violations of this section. All municipal, state and/or federal authorities must respond to all complaints submitted and refer complaints to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and conduct necessary inspections within 7 business days, unless otherwise ordered or in case of emergency. San Francisco is home to many of the most famous strip clubs in the world.

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