Sbi Employees Leave Rules

1.As according to the rules, how many sick days can an employee apply for without a medical certificate? 2. Who can an employee contact if sick leave is not granted for 1 or 2 sick days because he or she does not have a doctor`s prescription, since the employee cannot provide a doctor`s rest order for this short period of time because it is a normal fever, abdominal pain or minor illnesses for which he is aware of his health problems. (ii) Maternity leave may be taken at the same time as any type of leave other than occasional leave. Note: – Employees do not lose seniority due to the use of extraordinary leave for medical reasons. From 1 June 2015, male workers with up to two surviving children will be entitled to 15 days of paternity leave during the birth of their spouse. This holiday may be combined with any other type of leave with the exception of occasional leave. Leave can be taken up to 15 days before or up to 6 months from the date of delivery. By partially amending clause IX of the bipartite agreement of 17 September 1984 and clause 6 of clause 6 of the bipartite regulation of 28 November 1997, an employee is entitled, after 30 years of service, to an additional sick leave of 3 months of one month for each year of service exceeding 30 years. subject to a maximum of 720 days in the entire service. The preferred leave to which an employee is entitled can be accumulated over 240 days up to a maximum of 270 days.

However, the use of preferential leave is limited to a maximum of 240 days. As an employee, the bank offers home loans, car loans, and personal loans at reduced interest rates. In addition, the bank recognizes and promotes merit by awarding scholarships to the deserving children of all employees. The pension through the bank helps the employee to lead a comfortable life after retirement. From 01.11.2020, all employees with physical / orthopedic disabilities will benefit from 4 days of special leave per year. In partial amendment of clause 13.34 of the settlement of 19 October 1966 (in the case of the State Bank of India, clause 7.34 of the agreement of 31 March 1967) and clause 36 of the settlement of 25 May 2015, extraordinary leave in exceptional circumstances (without pay) at a certain time (up to 4 months in extreme medical circumstances) and up to a maximum of 24 months during the entire period of service of an employee. (a) maternity leave, which is based on material remuneration, is normally granted to a worker for a maximum period of 6 months and for the entire period of service of 12 months; Please specify the rules for requesting sick leave on the SBI HRMS portal. Staff will receive a travel permit to visit locations in India. The bank`s holiday homes and guest houses are available to employees in major cities and tourist destinations. (c) During the total period of 12 months, leave may also be granted in the event of hysterectomy up to a maximum period of 60 days.

(b) In the event of miscarriage/TPD/abortion, maternity leave may normally be granted for a maximum of 6 weeks on the basis of a medical certificate or an opinion from a competent doctor, i.e. a qualified gynaecologist. In special/exceptional cases of medical complications related to miscarriage/PTD/abortion, maternity leave may be granted on the instruction of a competent medical practitioner (qualified gynaecologist) beyond 6 weeks, but only up to 6 months, up to a total limit of 12 months during the entire period of service. If I take 2 or 3 days off due to illness. If the medical certificate is mandatory 3.What action can be taken against the approval authorities if the SBI approval authority refuses sick leave and says that an employee is on sick leave by lying, when the employee has actually had health problems for 1-2 days. Preferred sick leave if there is no credit on the employee`s sick leave account is not considered a reason for requesting preferred leave. (i) casual leave not taken in 2017 or subsequent years expires in the following five years. As part of the partial amendment of clause IX (4) of the bilateral agreement of 17 September 1984, employees may take sick leave for the illness of their children under 8 years of age on presentation of a medical certificate. Privileged leave other than for the purpose of taking advantage of the reduction in the general holiday rate must be requested at least 10 days before the proposed start date of the leave. ii) From 01.11.2020, although the use of unused occasional leave (UCL) by staff in subsequent years should continue to be sanctioned solely for medical reasons, it is no longer necessary to insist on the presentation of a medical certificate if the duration of this unused occasional leave does not exceed four days. Remuneration includes housing assistance or rented apartments where employees receive apartment rent as part of their package. This becomes more and more evident as the employee moves up the career ladder.

The bank also offers accommodation in specific locations for office staff.

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