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We combine professional experience, exceptional technical knowledge and in-depth legal expertise to professionally meet all your intellectual property requirements. In addition to handling civil litigation: Defense, she also assists clients in intellectual property matters. At Yossi Sivan & Co., we are fully committed to providing quality service to our customers. With extensive IP experience, we have the expertise to professionally meet all your intellectual property needs and provide you with excellent legal services. In this world of rapid technological developments and legal changes, it is very important to use the services of world-class professionals to monitor and protect your intellectual property. Sivan Legal Lawyers is a small law firm located in the southern suburbs of Atwell. Availability: We maintain a close and unique relationship with our customers and are committed to the highest availability. We provide fast, responsible and accurate responses to any request or request, paying close attention to every detail. We personally take care of all your intellectual property rights. „Yossi Sivan & Co.

is involved in major trademark litigation and also has experience in design and patent law. Yossi Sivan is `highly specialised in representing international brands`… We are experts in managing branded products for local and international brands. „Yossi Sivan of Yossi Sivan & Co Law Office is a Renaissance man who skillfully sends brand mandates of all shapes and sizes.” We are always creative and innovative, trying to find new ways to better protect your IP rights. „Yossi Sivan from Yossi Sivan & Co can claim to be the complete package. He submits with finesse and has the eloquence, expertise and confidence to deliver unassailable pleas in the courtroom. Sivan Korn is an attorney at Rusing Lopez & Lizardi, PLLC and assists individuals in civil litigation: defense matters. Rusing Lopez & Lizardi, PLLC has an office in Tucson, Arizona, that serves the local community. „An ace of electronics and luxury fashion who has made his way through the upper echelons of Israeli intellectual property” (WTR, 2020). Sivan R. Korn studied law and graduated from Fordham University School of Law in 2001.

Sivan Korn began practicing law in 2002. „Yossi Sivan & Co. has „exceptional knowledge and expertise in trademark and copyright litigation.” Yossi Sivan, „practical and friendly”, has extensive experience in IP business with international clients… » Strict and constant protection: We monitor our clients` brands by hiring agents who regularly check local markets and retail stores for counterfeit products. If our client`s brand is questioned, we will promptly advise you on the right course of action to prevent the ongoing breach. If necessary, we will provide you with a detailed monthly report on counterfeit products in the Israeli market. We conduct aggressive but effective litigation to enforce your IP rights. We operate a free trademark monitoring service for potentially conflicting trademarks recently released in Israel. Sivan Korn was voted one of the 2013 Rising Stars. Rising Stars is an exclusive list of top lawyers in specific areas of expertise, selected after a thorough evaluation of many criteria. Founded in 1994 by our director Sivan Jeyakody. Here are some of our special advantages that set us apart from our competitors: .

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