Who Can Legally Perform a Marriage in Utah

(1) Except for a district clerk or an agent of a district clerk, as set out below, the following persons may enter into marriage at their discretion: (a) a person 18 years of age or older authorized by a religious denomination to marry; For marriages contracted in states other than Utah, see Where to write for vital records for contact information. The Minister should check with the county clerk`s office that issued the couple`s marriage certificate to see if he or she needs to submit additional documents with the completed marriage certificate. Some counties require ministers to provide copies of ordination documents included in the classic marriage package. We recommend that ministers have these documents handy when performing a marriage or other ceremony. In practice, the verification of the validity of the marriage certificate is usually a formality. Most couples apply for their marriage certificate one or two weeks before the ceremony date, in which case the marriage certificate is valid under state law. Each partner must give the marriage some kind of consent, such as „I want.” Information on searching for very old marriage records can be found on the Utah History Research Center`s marriage records page. To obtain registration of a marriage that took place in Utah in 1978 or later, contact the Utah Bureau of Vital Statistics and Records. A pastor must be at least 18 years old to perform a legal marriage ceremony in the state of Utah. The state does not restrict the faith, gender or residence of a minister. Persons permitted to marry in the State of Utah include: (c) half-blood and thoroughbred sibling marriages; If you are 16 or 17, you will need a signed consent from a parent or guardian, which must be given personally to the county official before a marriage certificate is issued. (1) No marriage may be contracted in that state without a license from the district clerk of a district of that state.

3.2.10 Representative agrees and agrees to indemnify and hold Weber County, its officers, agents, officers, employees and volunteers harmless from and against any and all liabilities, costs or expenses arising out of any act, cause of action, claim, claim, damage, expense, cost, expense or indemnity, whether or not such acts, causes of action are present. Legal protection claims, claims, damages, costs, fees, expenses and/or indemnities are known or unknown, are statutory or equitable and without limitation all claims for remedies that may be asserted by complaint or otherwise, which may arise from negligence or other acts or omissions of the agent or spouses. Weber County maintains a list of appointees authorized to enter into a legal marriage for which a marriage certificate has been issued. An applicant is considered a designated representative of Weber County after their application has been reviewed and approved by the Weber County Clerk/Auditor. A copy of the approved application serves as proof that a person is an approved officer. A delegate may be appointed for a limited period. A temporary appointment is generally intended for situations where an officer intends to marry for close friends and family where his or her role as a celebrant is of particular importance to the spouse. The additional provisions that apply to a staff member of indefinite duration are as follows. (i) the clerk of a county of the state if he elects to marry; Title 30 of the Utah Code allows a designated county clerk to solemnize marriages.

This option can be used to have a person authorized by Clerk County to officiate at a single wedding ceremony in the state of Utah. For more information about an agent who can perform your wedding ceremony, email mpclerk@slco.org or call 385-468-7300. 3.4.1 A person to solemnize marriages of limited duration will only solemnize marriages within the limits specified in the designation. Certified copies of your marriage certificate are available upon request in person, by mail or by phone. 2. The person authorised in accordance with paragraph 1 who concludes a marriage contract shall provide the married couple with a marriage certificate indicating: (a) the name of the country from which the licence is issued; and (b) the date of issue of the licence. (3) For the purposes of this section, (a) „judge of the United States” means: (i) a judge of the Supreme Court of the United States; (ii) a judge of a court of appeal; (iii) a judge of a district court; (iv) Judges of a court established by an Act of Congress whose judges have the right to remain in office as a matter of good conduct; (v) judges of a bankruptcy court; (vi) a judge of a tax court; or (vii) a judge of the United States. (b) (i) „Native American spiritual advisor” means a person who: (A) conducts, directs or facilitates a Native American religious ceremony or ministry or provides religious advice; and (B) is recognized as a spiritual advisor by a federally recognized Native American tribe. (ii) „Native American spiritual advisor” includes a sweat lodge master, physician, traditional religious practitioner or holy man or woman. 4.

Subject to the provisions of article 17-20-4 and notwithstanding any other legal provision, no person authorized to marry under paragraph 1 may delegate or represent another person to perform the function of marriage. 16- or 17-year-olds can get married in Utah, but the process is a bit tedious. As in most states, minors must have the written consent of a parent or guardian, and the consenting parent or guardian must appear in person when the couple applies for a marriage certificate. In Utah, however, before a marriage certificate can be issued to a minor, the couple must apply to a juvenile court to approve the marriage. The juvenile court may impose additional requirements, such as requiring the couple to attend a premarital consultation or requiring each member of the couple to continue attending school. A minor cannot marry in Utah if the age difference between the partners is more than seven years. Utah Code § 30-1-6. Who is allowed to solemnize marriages – certificate.

3.3.2 Upon notice (see 3.2.1), the officer will be reasonably available to perform marriage ceremonies during the normal office hours of the Weber County Clerk. At the discretion of the Commissioner, they may also perform marriage ceremonies outside the normal business hours of the Clerk`s office, in accordance with the other provisions of this policy. There is no waiting period before you can get married. Once you get your driver`s license, you can get married. However, the license is only valid for 32 days. If you do not celebrate the marriage within this period, the license expires. (b) marriages between ancestors and descendants of any degree; (1) The clerk of the court shall not issue a licence until an affidavit submitted and retained by the clerk of the court by a party applying for the licence has been submitted to the clerk of the court stating that there is no legitimate reason for the marriage. We hope this better explains the legal basis for which you absolutely have the right to hold wedding ceremonies in Utah as an ordained minister online. As long as you are a member of a religious institution that gives you the authority to solemnize marriage, you can leave. So what are you waiting for? If you don`t know how to fill in some fields on the marriage certificate, don`t worry.

Below are the most common questions people have about filling out a marriage certificate. The marriage certificate you fill out may not contain all of these fields. To get married in Utah, you must apply for a marriage license and have the marriage solemnly celebrated. You can apply for a marriage certificate at any district clerk`s office. Visit the Utah City and County page on the state website for links to local government sites and look for a link that says something like County Clerk. Check with the county clerk`s office where you want to get the marriage certificate for some requirements. To better understand the legal underpinnings of how online ordinations work as it relates to obtaining permission to perform marriages in Utah, it`s helpful to familiarize yourself with an esoteric legal term: „marriage solemnity.” The solemnity of marriage is simply an elegant way of saying: „Celebrate a wedding”, „Celebrate a wedding” or „Combine a wedding”. Solemn is the official act of performing a wedding ceremony.

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